Bold Text Generator

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Generating bold text is easy but most social media and other platforms don’t allow formatting and there comes a bold text generator tool to help you formatting text even on such websites.

Bold Text Generator

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About Bold Text Generator

You would be thinking why you need this bold text generator when bold text is just Ctrl + B away. So the answer is that most Social Media platforms and other such websites don’t allow HTML tags or another formatting in the bio section and there your Ctrl + B option won’t work. And there you will need this bold text generator to highlight certain words or phrases.

Bold Text Generator

Bold text generated by this Bold text generator tool is in Unicode which will remain bold even if you use it in a WhatsApp message or any other social media bio. Pressing Ctrl + B won’t revert the style to normal. That’s why you should mark this bold text generator in your bookmark collection so that you may use it wherever you want bold text.

How to use a bold text generator?

We have designed this bold text generator in a way that a layman or even a kid from second grade can use it easily. Here are some easy steps to bring the magic with your text:

  1. Type or paste the desired text into the given big white text box.
  2. Select the whole text or only the part of the text that you want to make bold.
  3. Click on one of the given buttons below to give the selected text desired formatting.
  4. Copy the text by clicking on the button “Copy” or tweet it directly by clicking on the “Tweet” button.

Different Bold Text Styles

Bold Text Generator

We have tried to cover all four bold text styles in this free online bold text maker. You can choose any of these four styles to format your text or any portion of the text. All you need is to select text and press the desired button.

1.    Simple Bold Text or Sans Bold Text

Simple bold works on any text and it converts the text into Sans bold. You can copy this bold text and paste it anywhere, it will remain bold even if that place doesn’t support bold formatting. For example, if you want to highlight some skills in your Upwork Profile Bio or even your Fiverr Bio, or Instagram Bio, they won’t allow you to bold text. But using this Simple bold text, you can make text bold even there.

2.    Sans Bold Italic

Using this style, you will not only make text bold but you can make it italic as well. This style is often used in quotes or when you are trying to make it more prominent than other bold text.

3.    Serif Bold Text Generator

Serif bold text is like Times New Roman bold text. It will have heads like all the serif font family. If you were writing in some serif font and needed bold text, there then this serif bold text generator can help. In most of our official documents where delicacy is required, serif font is used for writing so in such documents you can use the serif bold text generated by this tool.

4.    Serif Bold Italic Text

Serif bold italic text looks elegant when writing emails and letters. If you don’t have a proper word processor but you have to write an email on the go, this serif bold italic text generator tool can help you in generating the desired style.

Bold Text Generator

FAQ about Bold Text Creator

Upwork bio or profile doesn’t allow text formatting and that’s why most of times you can’t highlight your skills and your Upwork Profile bio remains boring and dull. You can bold text in Upwork Profile using this bold text generator. Simply write or paste the text in text area and then select the text you want to make bold and press the desired bold button. You will get bold text that you can use in your Upwork Profile by copy pasting.

Creating bold text for Social Media posts, bio and status isn’t easy because every social media platform has different short codes or shortcut keys. You can’t remember all. But using this bold text generator is an easy solution. You can type you desired text here, select the text and then click on desired bold button to generate bold social media text.

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