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Generate HTML code for Clickable Call Link instantly using this Click to Call HTML Link Generator without requiring any HTML or CSS knowledge.

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About Click to Call Link Generator

Make it easier for your clients and customers to reach you via call by adding a click to call link or button on your website. This link will dramatically increase website conversion because most of the people use mobile phones to browse websites and it will be easier for them to click and call, rather than copying number and pasting it in your phone dial pad.

Click to call link are popular these days and that’s why we have click to call HTML code generator. It’s free for everyone with no daily or monthly limit. Use it and create as many call links as many you want. The best thing about this click to call link generator is that you can customize the link by entering the hyperlink text of your choice.

For example: if you want people to click on text “HELLO” and dial your business phone directly, then you can add word “Hello” while using this click to call HTML link code generator. Paste this code anywhere on your website. We don’t have any API or watermark, so that you may use it freely whenever you want to generate click to call button or link.

Where Can You Use Clickable Call Link?

Clickable Call Link has become a need of the day. 8 or 9 websites out of 10 has clickable call link. The reason is obvious that almost 70 to 80% of website traffic is from smartphone users. And it is convenient for them to dial by tapping the link rather than copying and dialing it manually from the dialer.

There are several places where you can use clickable call link. And keeping in view the extensive demand and need, we have created this Click to Call Link Code or HTML Generator for you. Bookmark this tool and use it on the go without remembering any HTML command or tags.

Here below we have listed down some of the most popular places where clickable call links can be use:

  1. Use it on the Websites, eCommerce Sites and Blogs
  2. Add clickable phone link in your Emails and Email Signatures
  3. Insert click to phone call link in your Word Documents
  4. Add it in your marketing PDF Files and proposals
  5. Insert clickable call link in your monthly or weekly Newsletters
  6. Use it in any HTML Documents whether it’s marketing document or some newsletter
  7. Make Blog Comments more converting by adding click to phone html link there
  8. Add clickable call link in your Forum Posts
  9. Social Media Bio can give you direct business if you will add click to call link there
  10. Social Media Posts and Tweets can become earning source by adding clickable call link
  11. Virtual Cards incomplete without click to call HTML link
  12. Contact Cards can be handier in marketing if you have clickable call link on it.

Why It’s Best Phone Number URL Generator?

Free Phone Link Generator with No Limitation

This Call link generator is best for various reason as we mentioned above. One of the best reason is that it’s completely free of cost. And there’s no restriction in usage of this tool. You can use it million times a day and you won’t be stopped from using it even without paying a single penny or cent.

100% Safe with No External API – Simple HTML CSS and JavaScript Based Call Button Link Generator

Apart from being free, this click to call generator has no external API but only HTML and CSS Code with some basic JavaScript. That means it’s 100% safe to use as no data is stored or transferred anywhere. Data is deleted as soon as the link is generated. Data is stored only in temporary variables. If you know some basics of Programming, you would know what’s variable and how data is stored in that for just calculation purpose.

Fastest Call to Link Generator in Performance

This call link generator is fastest in performance because no external code or API is called while create the click to call link HMLT code generation. All we use is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You can view it in the source. And that’s the secret behind the speedy performance of this call link generator tool.

Click to Call HTML

Not everyone has a good knowledge of HTML or CSS or even any other programming language. So if you are one of such people, don’t have to worry at all if you want to generate “Call Link“.

Using this Click to Call HTML generator, this technical task is such easy that a kid from 2nd grade can do it easily. You can simply scroll up to this click to call html tool and enter keyword and the URL. Click on button and your call link is ready. Copy the HTML and use it as per your need.

Click Phone Number on Website to Call – The Best CTA

How much ever good your website or sales page content is, if your call to action is not perfect then you will not be getting sales. And here comes the perfect CTA which is click phone number on website to call. Here user will simply click on phone number can call your business or sales support directly. And that’s why we have this “Click Phone Number on Website to Call” CTA Code generator. It will definitely boost your conversions on your landing page.

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