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Not getting emails despite several visitors on your website? Get click to email link from this click to email HTML code generator and paste it on your website and start getting emails from your potential clients.

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About Click to Email HTML Code Generator

Stand out of the crowd and add a click to email HTML link generated by this mail to link generator tool and start getting email queries in your inbox.

Don’t know how to create mailto link or click to email link? Don’t need to worry because this click to email link is here to help you. You don’t need to learn any HTML or CSS, all you need to do is to put email address and text that you want to make clickable and press the button. How quick and easy was that?

We have especially designed this mailto HTML link generator for those who are in marketing field like online marketing, content marketing, email marketing and SEO. And no day passes where they don’t need to create clickable email link. Every time they have to write whole HTML code to make mailto HTML link.

With the help of this click to email link HTML code generator, they don’t need to waste their precious time in writing HTML code. All they need is to bookmark this tool and create link simply by entering email address. This tool can save not just minutes but hours. We are working on a tool where you can get the job done in bulk. We’ll update you soon about bulk mailto link generator tool.

Uses of Mailto HTML Generator or Clickable Email Link

Clickable Mailto link can be used on various places especially when your field is online marketing and SEO. Some of the examples are listed below:

  • You can use it on your website, website footer, or contact us page.
  • Mailto link can be added on the email footer or signature.
  • Adding clickable mailto link can be a good idea in your newsletter to increase conversion.
  • Insert click to email link in your Social Media Bio of your Business Pages and Profiles.
  • If you’re sending Proposal in PDF format, clickable email link can bring some good business.
  • Most of the V Cards and Digital Contact cards come with click to email HTML link.

Why Use this Mailto HTML Generator?

We can list down hundreds of reasons to convince you why you should use this Mailto Code generator. But here we will be very specific. And that’s why we’ll list down just few reasons for which you should bookmark and use this HTML email code generator:

  1. First reason is that, this mailto HTML generator is completely free.
  2. There no limit annexed to the usage of this mailto code generator. Use it as many times as you want.
  3. No branding or watermark type thing will be attached if you will create mailto HTML link using this email HTML generator.
  4. If you will view the source of this HTML code generator for email, you will see that no internal or external API is called. Mere HTML CSS code is used. Which makes this Email HTML code generator most secure mailto code generator. It doesn’t transfer any data to third party API and hence your data is not stored or transferred, rather gets deleted as the process is complete.
  5. As we mentioned that no external API is involved in the process, this email HTML generator is one of the fastest, rather the fastest online email HTML code generator. As you enter data and click or tap on button, in the next millisecond you see you mailto HTML code ready to be copied and used.
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