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Text to Hexadecimal Converter offers two-way conversion. It is also a hex to text converter tool. If you often deal with hexadecimal systems, then you can bookmark this hex-to-text converter online.

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Unique Features of Hex to Text & Text to Hex Converter Tool

How to Use?

Using this online text to hexadecimal convert is so easy that a kid of 5 years can use it conveniently. The user interface of the tool is designed in a way that everyone can use it with no difficulty. As you land on this page and see the grey box with a black button, you already know how to use this hexa to text converter.

To make it easier, we are going to narrate micro steps that you can follow to use this tool:

  1. There are two text boxes to input text. One is to input a Hexadecimal code while the other is to enter your text.
  2. If you want to convert hexadecimal code to text, enter hex into the relevant input field.
  3. If you want to convert text to hexadecimal code, enter text into the relevant input field.
  4. Once input data is done, click or tap on the black button that says, “Convert”.
  5. The converted value will appear in the other box.
  6. You can copy and paste the converted value to use it.

Uses of Text to Hex & Hex to Text Converter

  • Colors Codes are often denoted in Hexadecimal value. In HTML and CSS colors are defined with a six-digit Hexadecimal value followed by a hash sign. This 6-digit value is based on the RGB color system which is commonly used in LED, LCD, Monitors, and Web to define colors. RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue which are the primary colors to make all the other colors. The first two digits are the value of Red. The last two digits are to define the value of Blue while the 2 digits in the middle are for Green. The image below will explain it better.
Hexa Color Values
  • Network Addresses or IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) are denoted in Hexadecimal Value. You would have seen an IP Address that looks something like this: This is IPv4 which is now becoming obsolete because the number of devices connected to the internet has increased dramatically in recent years. And IPv4 wasn’t enough to allocate each device a unique IP. That’s why the world is shifting to IPv6 where IP Address is given in Hex Code.
Hexa Color-Values
  • Cryptography is another example where hexadecimal values are used. Data or hashes are stored in matrices or arrays containing hexadecimal values.
  • Data Encryption is mostly done in hex values because it’s not easy to crack. Whatever sensitive information you save on your PC, Mobile device or transfer to some website, data is encrypted to make it unreadable. For example, a credit card number consists of numerical values. If it is transferred as it is, it will be easily guessable. But if we convert it to hexadecimal value, the information stealer hanging between the terminals will get confused and won’t be able to guess what information is passing through.
  • Data Storage is done by allocating a unique memory address to every single memory unit. Now, as the memory sizes are increase to huge level, it was becoming hard for programmers to allocate unique address to each memory unit. Hexadecimal system was utilized here as well. And now memory units are allocated address in hex value.

What is Hexadecimal System

Computers and other digital systems frequently employ the hexadecimal number system. Hexadecimal, in contrast to decimal, uses 16 different symbols to represent numbers.

A-F for values 10-15 and 0-9 for values 0-9 respectively. This system’s straightforward representation of binary data makes it valuable for digital design and computer programming. Since each hexadecimal number is equivalent to a 4-bit binary sequence, switching between the two systems is simple.

Memory addresses, color values, and binary data are frequently represented in programming languages and computer systems using hexadecimal notation. It is a crucial tool in the computing industry because of its compactness and binary compatibility.

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