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Our free online JPG to PNG converter makes it simple to convert JPG images to high-quality PNG format. Keep image quality, color, and transparency intact during converting. There is no need to install any software or app. You can quickly convert your JPG file to PNG by uploading it, and the PNG file will be downloaded instantly. Start converting right away for free!

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Amazing Features of Free JPG to PNG Converter

How to Use JPG and JPEG to PNG Image Converter Online?

Using this converter is as easy as ABC. You don’t have to be techy or a geek to use this tool. We have designed it in a way that everyone of any age and knowledge level can use it conveniently. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand. Just a simple grey box is there where all the magic and controls lie. Though everyone can easily know how to use this tool, if you are still not sure how to convert JPG to PNG using this lightening fast image converter, we are listing down the micro steps:

  1. Click on the “Choose File” button to browse the JPG or JPEG file.
  2. No need to wait for uploading.
  3. Click on the “Convert JPG to PNG” button.
  4. Converted image will instantly start downloading.
  5. PNG image is downloaded automatically to your default “Download” folder.

What are JPG and PNG Files?

Two of the most used image file types are JPG and PNG. Images with many colors and gradients work best in JPG files, whereas images with few colors and sharp edges work best in PNG files.

  • JPG files are appropriate for web use since they are often smaller than PNG ones. Lossy compression is also supported by JPG files, which significantly reduces file size.
  • PNG files, on the other hand, are lossless files. This implies that no data is lost during file compression. It is therefore perfect for photographs that must maintain their original quality.

Both JPG and PNG files include numerous editing and manipulation options, making them flexible and effective tools for producing and disseminating images.

Which Image is better: JPG or PNG?

Two of the most popular picture formats in use today are JPG and PNG. A lossy format is JPG. In order to make the file smaller, it compresses the image data. This produces quicker load speeds, which makes it perfect for web use.

A lossless format is PNG. Because all image data is maintained, this method is perfect for high-quality photographs. PNG is useful for graphics and logos, whereas JPG is good for photographs. PNG files can be compressed to make them smaller, although JPG files are often smaller than PNG files.

JPG files are the chosen format for most online applications since they are more often supported than PNG files. It’s critical to select the best format for the task at hand because both formats offer advantages and disadvantages.

JPG to PNG Image Conversion

The process of changing a JPG image file into a PNG image file is known as JPG to PNG image conversion. Users frequently utilize this technology to improve the quality of photos or to modify them, so they are better suited for a certain purpose.

The file format is changed from JPG to PNG during the conversion. The original image quality is preserved by this lossless format. The image’s color depth gets modified as part of the conversion process. This can be accomplished by simply changing the image’s color palette.

To make files smaller, you can also compress photographs. Following conversion, a PNG image downloads. Web graphics, logos, and other forms of high-quality images are frequently created using this method.

Common Uses of JPG to PNG Converter

There can be diverse objectives behind JPG to PNG conversion. Some of the common uses or objectives can be:

  • Improving image quality for print media or for photo editing purposes.
  • To comply with the website or app requirement where only PNG images can be uploaded.
  • To change the color depths of the image.
  • To make the images ready for transparency.
  • To make images more zoomable.
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