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Generating italic text is easy with shortcut keys it is not that easy when you want to generate italic text on social media and other such online platforms. Here this italic text generator comes handy because it will generate italic text which can be used on social media as well.

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How to Use This Italic Font Generator?

Using this tool is quite easy. You don’t need to be techy or smart internet users to be able to operate this italic text generator. Follow these steps and you will get the universal italic text to post it anywhere:

  1. Type or paste the text into the text area.
  2. Select all text or the portion of the text that you want to make italic.
  3. Click on the italic style modes below.
  4. Copy the text by manually selecting it. Or click on the “Copy” button to copy it onto the clipboard.

About This Italic Text Generator

You might be wondering why making font or text italic is not that difficult then why we have this italic text generator? Yeah, generating italic type is easy in any word-processing app. Simply select text and click on the “Italic” button or press the shortcut key which is Ctrl or Command + I in most cases.

But the magic this italic text generator has is not with any other tool. If you copy italic text from word processors, it will become normal when you post it on social media or other such online platforms. So here we felt the need that there must be a tool that can generate italic text which will remain italic even if you post it anywhere. The formatting will not be changed.

So, this italic font generator will serve as the tool where text formatting will not change. If it was italic, then it will be italic wherever you post it. No need to press any button or shortcut keys. Simple paste there here and make it italic.

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