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Word Counter is one of the most needed tools for every person dealing with text. No matter if you are a writer, blogger, project manager, professor, teacher, student, or anyone writing or checking some writings, you will need an online words counter tool. So here we have the best one for you!

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Features of Word Counter Tool

How to Use This Online Words Counter?

Using this word counter is easy like sending a WhatsApp message. Simply type or paste message in the text box and press button to know number of words in the given input. Hope you understand how to use it. If you are still confused, here below you can read the micro steps that you can follow to know how to use online words calculator:

  1. Enter, type, or paste the text in the big text area.
  2. Once typing or pasting is complete, hit the “Start Word Counter” button.
  3. As you click or tap the button, the total number of words will appear just below the button.

About Online Word Counter Tool

Word Counter Tool is an incredible tool that can help people in counting words in a given text. It can be useful for people from various kinds of fields. For example, a student writing an essay may need this tool to check if his/her essay has minimum required wordcount. On the other hand, a professor or teacher can use it to check if student has written the minimum required words or not. A freelance writer can use a word counter tool to check how many words he/she has written for a certain employer. The employer can check how many words were sent by the freelance writer and how much amount he will have to pay to the writer.

It’s a free tool developed to help users in counting words on the go. If you’re out of the office or away from laptop, you can’t have MS Word or any such word processor. And if some writers send you an article or blog post and ask for payment then how will you calculate the amount to be paid? Obviously here you will need an online word counter tool like this one. Here you will paste the text into the text area, and it will calculate the number of words. Now you can easily calculate how much money you have to pay to the writer.

There can be several other uses of word counter tool and that’s up to you how you utilize it. Good news is that this is a free tool with no usage limit. You can use it without worrying about the quota. If you’re satisfied with the performance of the tool, you can recommend it to your friends and colleagues.

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