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Online QR Code Generator is one of the most needed tools these days. Marketers, business owners, IT experts, asset managers, media trackers, indexers, post offices, in-short almost every professional is using QR code somehow. Generating QR code seems tricky but it’s very easy if you use this QR code generator.

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Features of Online QR Generator

How to Use Online QR Code Generator?

Generating QR can be a tricky task if you don’t know how to do it. People still get impressed if you present them a QR code to scan rather than sharing your phone number directly. Now you can impress your circle as well because this QR generator is so easy to use and so quick that you can generate as many QR codes as you want. Read the steps below to know how to use this QR creator:

  1. Enter the text, URL, phone number, Code or whatever information you want to enter to generate QR code. There are specific formats for specific data types which we will discuss in the next heading.
  2. Once data input is complete, click on the button, “Generate”.
  3. QR code will appear on the screen.
  4. Scan it directly from your phone camera to check if it is working fine.
  5. If the QR code is detectable, click or tap on the “Download” button and QR code will be downloaded in PNG format in your default download folder or directory.

Some Tweaks and Magical Ideas

You can add some codes or tags to create auto detect data type of the QR code. That means, as you will scan code, it will automatically detect what type of data is in the QR code and then it will suggest relevant actions. For example, if there would be phone number, it will automatically detect and suggest actions like, “Call”, “Save Phone Number” or some other relevant action.

Some of such tags or tweaks that you can use are:

Creating Callable Phone Number QR Code:

Write in the textbox your phone number in the following format:


Creating Email QR Code:

Write the email address in the following syntax to make it automatically detectable QR:

email:[email protected]

Creating QR Code for Location on Map or Address:

If you want to create a QR code that will have location and you want it automatically detectable when scanned. And open location on Map then you will have to know the exact longitude and latitude of the location and address. The format will be like this:


where geo: is the tag, 40.7128 is longitude, -74.0060 is latitude and New+York%2C+NY is the address i.e. New York, NY.

Now using this method, you can create QR code of your business address and share with the clients and visitors so they may reach your office without any trouble. And sending QR code will also add an impression that your business is modern and tech aware.

What is QR Code?

A two-dimensional barcode called a QR Code, also known as a quick response code, is used to store data. It was created in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Toyota subsidiary, and is frequently used to store email addresses, text, URLs, and other kinds of information. On a white background, a grid of black squares is placed in this image.

A smartphone or other camera-equipped device scans the QR code to read the data that is embedded inside. Then, you can use this information to access websites, send emails, or show messages. More and more people are using QR codes to quickly access information without typing in a lengthy website URL.

Businesses can advertise their products and services by using QR codes. They are frequently used on flyers and business cards and can be scanned to open a website or advertisement. Customers can quickly obtain comprehensive product information, such as ingredients and nutritional data, by scanning QR codes found on items and packaging.

In general, using QR codes to store and access data is a useful and efficient method. They are increasingly employed in advertising and industry, as well as gaining more popularity.

Uses of QR Code

  1. Business Card: Contact details and other important business details from cards can be stored using QR codes. With the use of a QR code scanner, this information can be instantly saved to a phone or computer’s contact list.
  2. Coupons: Coupons may be distributed to clients fast and conveniently using QR codes. The customer can quickly redeem the coupon after it has been scanned.
  3. Event Passes: Event tickets can be kept in QR codes. The client can access the event after scanning.
  4. Reward Card: The information from a loyalty card can be stored in QR codes. Customers can exchange loyalty points or discounts after scanning.
  5. WiFi Network Access: Customers can scan QR codes to quickly and conveniently connect to Wi-Fi. After entering the network password, they can browse the web.
  6. Products packaging: QR codes can be used to hold vital information such as product details. Customers can access product evaluations, dietary data, and more after scanning the barcode.
  7. Website: QR codes can be used to rapidly and conveniently access websites. Customers can access the website right away after scanning their barcode.
  8. Map: Quick and simple access to maps is made possible via QR codes. Customers can instantly get instructions to a destination after scanning a barcode.
  9. Mobile App: QR codes can be used to rapidly and conveniently download and install mobile apps. Customers can download the app right away after scanning.
  10. Music: Using QR codes, you can quickly and simply access music. Customers can start listening to songs right away after scanning.
  11. Video: Videos can be accessed fast and conveniently with QR codes. The customer can watch the video right away after scanning.
  12. Documents: Documents may be quickly and readily accessed via QR codes. The customer can examine the document right away after it has been scanned.
  13. Social Media Accounts: QR codes can be used to access social media accounts quickly and easily. Customers can immediately follow or like the account after scanning it.
  14. Online Shopping: Accessing shopping websites quickly and easily is possible using QR codes. After being scanned, users can make purchases right away on the internet.
  15. Payments: Payments can be made fast and easily using QR codes. Customers can use their mobile device to pay quickly after being scanned.
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