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Spaced text generator is a handy tool that lets you create spaced out text. Spaced text is a wider text with wide spacing between each character or letter. Space font generator tool can be used for creating unique designs, or for adding emphasis to certain words or phrases.

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Features of Spaced Out Text Generator

How to Use It?

Though we have mentioned in the text box the complete method to use this spaced text generator. But if you are not sure how to use it, we are here below listing down the easy steps. You can follow these steps to use this tool like a pro:

  1. Type or paste any text that you want to convert to Spaced Out text or Monospace Text.
  2. Select all or portions of text that you want to format.
  3. Once text is selected, select the mode out of three i.e., Spaced, Mono or Math.
  4. As you will press or tap the button, selected text will be converted to the selected style spaced font.

Different Modes of Spaced Font Generator

There are three modes in this spaced font generator. For more text formations, you can visit our other text tools. We’ll tell you briefly about each mode here:

Spaced Text

Spaced Text is the first and main mode. When we say “Spaced Text”, this is the mode we actually mean or refer to. Spaced font is basically set of Unicode Characters with space included in each letter or character. In simple words, space is included in the graphics of the font or letters block. So when you type in Unicode Space Font, the in-built space makes the text wider with enough space between the letters.

You can achieve this manually by entering space after letter but that can be frustrating and time taking task. On the other hand, using this Spaced text generator, the job can be done in just seconds.

Monospace Text

Monospace – as the name suggests – is a font or set of Unicode characters which as equal space for each letter. You can say each letter is given equal area or width and letter is placed right in the center of that width. No matter if the letter is “I” which takes less space in normal font, but in monospace, it will take equal width or space as “M” or “W” which are most wide letters. That is the reason, in monospace text or font, some letters are close to each other while others have space between them.

Math Font

Math Font or Math Sans Mode is basically the conventional text mode. Here text becomes conventional in look. Letters in this mode are changed to Unicode characters from the set of Math Sans. Math Sans is a Unicode Font. You can find its True Type version as well.

What Are The Uses of Spaced Text?

  • Emphasizing key points: If you want to draw reader’s attention toward a specific point in the content, you can use spaced out text to make that key point prominent.
  • Visual Hierarchy: Spaced text is often used as typography of Subtitle or Quote. Subtitle is the most conventional usage of spaced-out text.
  • Improving Readability: Spaced text looks good to eyes, and it can make your message more readable and impactful.
  • Adding Elegance: When you have to deliver a delicate message, you can use spaced font to add elegance and delicacy. You would have observed that most greeting cards has spaced font for the main message.

Hope you would have loved this spaced text generator. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us with your comments. We always love to hear from our users!

Space Type Generator

There comes time when we have to create different typing styles and one of the most common and popular type is space type. That’s why we have this space type generator tool. The best thing about this space type generator is that the spaced type generated by this tool is remain spaced even if you past it anywhere. And the reason behind this magic is that this space type generator uses spaced Unicode characters. So you can use it wherever you want and the spacing will be there.

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