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Barcode generator online will be a handy tool if you want to generate barcode of your own choice. Barcode technology is quite old but still useful. You would have seen barcodes on every product you buy from grocery stores and the cashier at counter scans barcode and prepares your bill. This barcode generator is free tool and has no limit on usage.

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Amazing Features of Barcode Creator Tool

How to Use This Barcode Generator?

As we mentioned earlier, this is one the easiest to use tools. If you know how to send a WhatsApp message, then you can use this tool as well because it’s that easy. Just input data and create barcode in less than a millisecond. For your ease, we are stating some easy steps to follow so you can use this barcode generator without any difficulty.

  1. Enter the Number or Value in the text box.
  2. Click or Tap on the “Generate” button.
  3. The barcode will appear just below the button.
  4. Right click or long tap will give you the option to copy or save image option.
  5. Copy it or save it to use it anywhere you want.

What is Barcode?

A barcode is the representation of data in the form of lines. The weight of the lines differ for different dataset. Such representation of data is machine-readable. Even your phone camera can detect and read information hidden in a barcode.

Barcodes are commonly used in asset tagging, tracking, and storing objects. You would have barcodes on almost every product in a superstore or grocery store. Even in a clothing store you will find it on every packing. When you book a parcel, a sticker with a barcode is pasted to make tracking easier. Similarly, superstore managers use these tags to make the billing process faster and error free.

How Barcodes Are Created and What denotes?

A barcode is a liner representation of data. It consists of a series of lines or vertical bars and spaces. When you observe a barcode, you will see bars or lines of varied thickness. In actual, the lines are of same thickness. But when multiple lines stack with each other, it becomes thick.

Example to Make You Understand

To make it easier to understand, just imagine a 7 or  8 bit binary code. Take “0” as space and “1” as a line. Now small letter “s” has binary value “01110011”. See here we have three “1”s after a zero. If we follow our assumption that “0” is a space and then we have three “1” which means three lines will stack with each other making the line three times thicker. Similarly, the last two “1”s will have two lines stacked and. This example was just to demonstrate but actually barcodes are created on a different standard and symbology.

Uses of Barcodes

Some of the common uses or application of barcodes are:

  1. Tracking inventory in retail stores
  2. Tracking books in libraries
  3. Tracking shipments between warehouses and distribution centers
  4. Automating checkouts in supermarkets
  5. Identifying prescription drugs
  6. Scanning tickets at events
  7. Tracking blood samples in hospitals
  8. Identifying livestock
  9. Tracking hazardous materials
  10. Automating billing in restaurants

FAQs About Online Barcode Generator

Yes, this online barcode generator is an authentic tool. It creates barcode on UPC standard which is an international standard and recognize by ISO (International Organization of Standardization). You can try this tool to create a barcode and then scan it with your mobile phone or barcode scanner app. It will instantly detect and read the data in the barcode.

As mentioned in features, this barcode generator is safe to use because it uses no external API or any third-party integration to generate barcode. It uses a simple script that reads the data and converts it into barcode. The data is used only in real time, and it gets deleted automatically as you enter a new value or close/change page. So, it’s 100% safe to use tool as your data not stored or transmitted anywhere.

Most of the modern mobile phone cameras have built-in barcode and QR code detection. In case your phone can’t detect it, try to enable this feature from setting. And if you can’t find the settings, you can download any barcode scanner app from the Google PlayStore or Apple App Store.

Yes, this tool is free with no usage limit or quota. You can use it to generate as many barcodes as you want. You can use it personally, commercially, or whatever way you want. It’s your tool.

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