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vCard QR Code Generator is a handy tool to spread your contact info through promotional media like flyers, Insta or Facebook Posts, etc. Anyone with a mobile camera can scan the generated QR code and directly save your contact information like Name, Phone Number, Email, and Address. Get your contact QR code with this vCard QR generator tool.


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Features of Online vCard QR Generator

How to Use Contact Card QR Generator?

Though generating QR from complete contact information seems a very tricky, complex, and technical thing to do, if you will be using this tool, it will be as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to enter the information and click on the “Generate” button. QR code will be there on the screen that you can test by opening your phone camera. If your phone automatically detects and gives you the option to call or save a contact, then HURRAY! Your perfectly working contact QR code is ready to download.

We are going to mention micro-steps for this whole procedure so that using this tool be further easier:

  1. Enter the details in the relevant text boxes. First of all, enter the name of the contact. It can be yours or the person’s name for whom you are creating the QR code.
  2. Then enter the email address. It can be an optional entry. If you don’t want to enter it, you can leave this box empty.
  3. Phone number is a required entry. Enter the phone number so that it may automatically save on the phone upon scanning the QR code.
  4. And in the last text box, enter the address. It is again an optional entry. You can leave it blank if you don’t want the address to be included in the VR contact QR code.
  5. When all the details are entered, click, or tap on the “Generate QR Code” button.
  6. As you press the button, a QR code with embedded contact details appears just below the button.
  7. You can scan it directly with a phone camera to check if it’s working fine.
  8. If you want to save the QR code, right-click, or long-tap the QR code and save it on your device.

Convert You QR Code to vCard – Be Modern

Barcode is becoming an old tech now and QR is replacing it everywhere because it can have more information. A barcode can have only number but QR code can have any kind of data like text, number, URL and all these information in a single QR code. So why using QR to store single informatoin?

Use this vCard QR code generator which will convert your simple QR code to vcard. You can use this vcard qr code on your business cards.

So if you are planning to get your business cards printed, use this QR code to vCard converter to make your business cards more catchy and modern.

What is vCard QR Code Generator?

First of all, let us explain what the vCard QR code is. You might have heard of or seen a square-shaped QR code that looks like a crossword puzzle. Just like crossword puzzles, a QR code has some hidden information that can be read by the QR code readers. There were times when you had to download barcodes and QR code readers as a separate app on your phone. But now, all modern phones have built-in QR code reading features.

As you open your phone camera and point it towards a QR code, it detects it and reveals the information coded in it.

QR code normally has one entry, but it can store multiple fields. Keeping in view the ability to store an array or matrix of data, QR codes are now often used to store contact information. In contact information, there are multiple fields like Phone Number, Name, Address, Email Address, etc. So, you can create a QR code that will have all the information. And when sharing contact information, you can share only a QR code.

A QR code that has complete contact information is called a vCard QR code or virtual card QR code. When someone scans such a QR code, it will give them the option to store the complete contact information on their device without manually entering all the information.

Creating a QR code is a tricky task. There are thousands of online QR code generators where you enter some data, URL, or number and it generates a QR code for you. But the vCard QR code generator is not a very common tool so far.

vCard QR code generator is a tool that gets multiple fields of contact information and generates a QR code having all the entered information. Such QR is scannable and phone cameras auto-detect the type of data stored in it.

There are various vCard Contact QR code generators, but they lack the feature of auto-field detection. You will have to manually guide your phonebook to store information in the relevant fields. But this vCard QR code generates advanced technology to detect the fields and let you store contact information automatically in the relevant fields. It saves you from the hassle of manually typing and entering contact information.

Uses of vCard

1.    Business cards

QR code on business cards is a modern trend. It saves people from the hassle of keeping the card with them all the time and it lets them save contact information instantly by scanning the QR.

2.    Websites

Adding a vCard QR code on your website is a great idea especially if you are a marketing professional whose business success depends upon networking. People will find it easy to call you simply by scanning the QR. Most of the time people avoid saving phone numbers because reading and saving pinches them.

3.    Emails

Placing the vCard QR code in the email footer can be handy especially when you are sending marketing emails to potential customers. It will let them save your contact and call you instantly.

4.    Social media

CTA-based promotion on social media is quite expensive. But if you tweak it by adding a QR code in your media and promoting it then you can save a substantial cost.

5.    Event programs

Adding vCard QR on the event’s media like standees and media wall can help the visitors or attendees to save the contact information of the speakers instantly, especially if the event was for the promotion of a certain service or product.

6.    Flyers, Brochures, and Posters

vCard QR code on marketing media like flyers, posters, and brochures is a good idea and a modern trend. It will boost the ROI of your marketing budget because more people will contact you by scanning QR.

7.    Product packaging

Place a vCard QR Code on product packaging to make it easier for customers to get in contact with you.

FAQs About Online vCard QR Code Generator

No, the Online vCard QR Code Generator does not save any of your personal information. Information is used only while creating a QR code. As the code is created, the data gets deleted automatically when you close the page or move to another page.

As we have already mentioned in our privacy policy we don’t save, transmit or sell any of the user data, especially the data that the user inputs in any form. The only data which is used is collected by cookies which are normally Google cookies. For more information, you can read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

No, there is no limit to creating QR codes using this Online vCard QR Code Generator. It is a free service, offering an unlimited number of QR codes.

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