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The Body Fat Calculator is the fastest and most accurate body fat percentage calculator. With the least number of inputs like height, weight, age, and gender, you can get a percentage of fat in your body. You can determine the physique type or category you fall in just seconds. Calculate your body fat today and plan your fitness.

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Features of This Online Body Fat Calculator

How to Use the Online Body Fat Percentage Calculator?

As you have seen this calculator, you already know how to use it. But still, if there’s any confusion about the steps and procedures, we are stating micro-steps to make it easier for everyone:

  • First of all, you should know your recent weight in kilograms. Enter the weight in the text relevant text box.
  • Now you need to know your height in centimeters. Put that height in the designated text box.
  • The next input required is your age in “Years”.
  • And the last input is selecting your gender.
  • Once all the inputs are done, click on the “Calculate Body Fat %” button.
  • Your body fat percentage and BMI will appear just below the button.
  • Compare it with the chart given below the results to know about your physique.

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Commonly Used Methods for Calculating Body Fat

Using this online calculator is the easiest way to calculate your body fat percentage. But if that’s not satisfying your curious nature and you want to calculate it manually, read further. We will explain to you about different methods and approaches to determine body fat percentage in your body composition:

1.    Calculating Body Fat Using BMI Method

BMI formula or body mass index formula is the most conventional method to calculate body fat percentage. Most of the online calculators use the same method. Even our body fat calculation is based on this approach.

The reason behind the popularity of this approach is that you need the least number of inputs and almost no tool or equipment to calculate results. All you need is:

  • A weight scale if you don’t know your weight.
  • Inch tape or measuring tape to determine your height.

Once have your weight and height noted, the other inputs are quite simple i.e., your age and gender. With all these 4 input values, you can know body fat percentage using the BMI method.

a.    Calculate Your BMI

BMI or Body Mass Index calculation is quite easy and simple. You need to know your weight in Kilograms (Kg) and Your height in meters. If you know your height in centimeters, convert it into meters by dividing it by 100. For example, if the height is 180cm then it would be 1.8 meters (180 / 100 = 1.80).

Now the BMI formula is BMI = Weight / Height2

If your weight is 80 Kg and height is 1.8 meters, then BMI: 80/ (1.8)2 = 24.7

b.    Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

Now you have all the values you need to determine your body fat percentage. So far, we haven’t used Age and Gender in our calculation. If you are wondering where these 2 values will be required, then this is the stage where we will utilize these two values.

The calculation of body fat is different for each gender, as you can see in the body fat percentage formula below:

Women Body Fat % = (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 5.4

Men Body Fat % = (1.20 x BMI) + (0.23 x Age) – 16.2

c.     Compare with Chart

Now after using these formulae, you will get a value. That’s your body fat percentage. Find that value in the given chart to know your physique category. We have given below a detailed chart where you can try to determine your physique category most accurately. If you are confused with this detailed chart, the simple and easier one is given, just below the calculator.

Remember, this method is only an estimate of body fat percentage and is not a substitute for a professional body composition analysis.

2.    Professional Methods of Calculating Body Fat

The professional method of calculating fat percentage in your body is considered the most accurate and reliable. It is used by professionals and experts like fitness trainers, physiotherapists, and health experts. Professional tools or gadgets are employed to calculate body fat percentage accurately.

In professional techniques for finding body fat, the hydrostatic pressure gauge and the subcutaneous fat test are used by experts. This method can’t be performed at home and the experts may charge you for telling you the fat percentage.

In an expert’s method to find body fat percentage, a subcutaneous fat caliper or a bioelectrical impedance instrument can be utilized by the person. Fat thickness is measured using calipers by placing it at different points of the belly.

Some experts use modern tools like bioelectrical impedance devices instead of calipers. It throws a weak current through your body and the resistance in current flow is used to determine the percentage of body fat in your body. Though it is an easier method but most of the experts claim the results are not always accurate.

3.    How to Calculate Body Fat at Home with US Navy Formula?

The US Navy formula to calculate body fat percentage is considered the most accurate and authentic one. And that’s the reason it is quite famous. As the name suggests, this formula was used by the US Navy while recruiting candidates.

Besides height, some other values are also used to arrive at the final value of body fat in your body. You will need measuring tape to measure your waist and neck circumference. If you are measuring in centimeters, then you can use these US Navy Body Fat Formula:

For Men

Body Fat % = 86.01 x log (waist circumference – neck circumference) – 70.041 x log (height) + 30.30

For Women

Body Fat % = 163.205 x log (belly + hip – neck) – 97.684 x log (height) – 104.912

If you are measuring values in inches, then you can use the following formula:

For Men

Body Fat % = 86.01 x log (waist – neck) – 70.041 x log (height) + 36.76

For Women

Body Fat % = 163.205 x log (belly + hip – neck) – 97.684 x log (height) – 78.387

What is Body Fat?

Body fat is a particular type of fat found in the human body. Fat in our body serves as an energy reserve. If you won’t eat food and won’t get carbs, fat will be used to produce energy to run the machinery of your body. But if you keep consuming excessive amounts of food then this excessive amount will be stored in your body as fats.

Fat is also used as a cushion for vital organs and saves them from jerks and collisions. Fat under your skin also serves as insulation. It saves your body from the harshness of weather and helps in maintaining the body temperature. It is estimated that up to 60-70% of an adult’s body weight can be composed of fat

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How much body fat percentage is good in males and females?

A moderate amount or percentage of body fat is necessary for the body to function properly. But deficiency or excess of fat can result in various health issues. The amount of required fat in your fat varies from gender to gender.

  • For males, a body fat percentage of between 8-19% is considered healthy.
  • For females, a body fat percentage of between 21-33% is considered healthy.

Risks Attached to Excessive Body Fat

Your body starts accumulating fat if your calorie intake is more than your consumption. That’s because the extra energy is stored in your body in the form of fat as energy reserves. A continuous imbalance of calorie intake and consumption can lead to several health issues.

Common health problems due to excessive body fats are obesity, heart disease, fatigue, lack of stamina, laziness, and blood pressure issues.  Consuming more calories than your body can burn leads to excess body fat.

Overeating is not the only cause of extra body fat. There can be other reasons as well like abnormal sleep routine, irregular meals, inactivity, and genetic tendency.

The best idea to lower your body fat is to start a proper exercise routine. A balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein is crucial. If you want to exactly how many calories you need to keep your body functioning or to gain or reduce weight, you need TDEE Calculator or Total Daily Energy Estimate Calculator. It will tell you how much daily energy is required and how much you need to reduce or increase to reduce or gain weight.

Additionally, including exercise in your regular routine can aid in calorie burning, fat loss, and muscle growth.

How to reduce body fat?

  1. Regular exercise should be a part of your everyday regimen.
  2. Consume a nutritious, well-balanced diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.
  3. Limit your consumption of processed foods and sweets.
  4. Increase your consumption of wholesome fats like avocados, almonds, and olive oil.
  5. Make sure your caloric intake satisfies your body’s demands by keeping an eye on it. Reduce stress and get enough sleep.
  6. To stay hydrated, sip lots of water.

Save this body fat calculator tool to your favorites so you can monitor your body composition and respond quickly if something is off-limits.

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