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Block text generator is a tool that converts given text into block or logo styled font. Such font is composed of various symbols like forward or backward slashes, pipe symbol, brackets or even apostrophe and commas. Block text logo generator tool can be handy for creating text art for social media bio and profiles.

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Features of Block Text Art Generator

block text generator

How to Use Logo Text Creator?

Logo text creator tool is very easy to use. Interface is simple and self-explanatory. No technical background required to operate or use this tool to create block text or text-based logo. For making it easier, we are narrating easy steps to follow in order to use this amazing tool like a pro:

  1. Enter the text that you can want to convert into block text in the designated textbox.
  2. Choose the block text style from the drop down.
  3. There are three styles at the moment, and you can choose any of your choice.
  4. Now click or tap on the “Generate” button.
  5. Converted text-based logo will appear in the big text area below.
  6. Copy the logo like normal text and paste it wherever you want to like in social media bio, notepad or email.

About Block Text

Block text is not a font or any Unicode character set. It’s a text art that we have seen since the very beginning. If your age is good and you are using PC since 90’s then you would have seen the “Readme” files that often comes with any software. It used to be a text file which used to be open in Notepad or other basic text editor. And the header or heading of such Readme file used to be a text art. Readme, Software name or Software Manufacturer name used to be written in block text, some like as show below:

block font generator

Such word art or text art inspired many people, and you can still find websites where you will see amazing art created by some amazing people, using only alphabets, numbers, and common symbols.

Back in those days, when social media was still booming, people used to decorate their bio or about section with text art. Even I had used a big bunny created with text, in my Facebook about me page. Facebook removed that tab in 2012 or 13. But there are still some social media platforms where you can add such art to make your profile unique and catchy.

Creating such art manually requires not just time but great skills as well. But if you don’t want to invest time or have the skills then this block text art creator tool is a big opportunity for you. Using this block text generator, you can decorate your profiles and bio section. You can add you name in block text, or you can add initials or even your business name.

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